Debut album released, this is our legacy.
September 29th, 2011

A Sepulchral Theme demo cover

Today we have released our first album, The Gardens of Necropolis, and as of today, we have decided to disband. The album is the result of the creative work which began after we released our demo in 2009. The album is available for free and can be downloaded from the releases section in your format of choice. We have decided to call it quits due to artistic differences. We would like to thank those who have listened to our music and have provided us with feedback.

Direct links to The Gardens of Necropolis download:
mp3 version
flac version
ogg version

Debut album is done
April 1st, 2011

It’s April 1st, but this is no joke! Our debut album is now done and it sounds awesome! Very atmospheric and evil. The next step in the process for us will be decided during the next couple of weeks, but for now we feel like sharing this information with you all.

The album will be named “The Gardens of Necropolis”, have a running time of 46 minutes and 13 seconds, and contain the following songs:

1. Where Waters Rest
2. The Road to Nothing
3. The Gardens of Necropolis
4. When Skeletons Sing
5. Drown in the Unknown
6. Bloody Repentance
7. Towers
8. Travelling Through the Past
9. A Sepulchral Theme (re-recorded for the album)
10. A Bag of Tricks

The cover artwork will be done by none other than the artistic genius Tony Sandoval. We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to share further information with you all, so keep checking back for the latest news.

Album ready for mixing
February 28th, 2011

A milestone has been reached for our upcoming debut album. All recordings are now concluded, and the raw material has been handed over to Jacob Olsen from JBOSound for mixing and mastering. Jacob has a lot of experience with the production we wish to accomplish, and we are confident that he will bring out the best in our music.

Estimated running time is about 45 minutes. The track names of the album will be as follows (in no particular order):

  • A Sepulchral Theme
  • When Skeletons Sing
  • Where Waters Rest
  • Travelling Through the Past
  • The Road to Nothing
  • Towers
  • Drown in the Unknown
  • A Bag of Tricks
  • Bloody Repentence
  • The Gardens of Necropolis

The title of the album will be “The Gardens of Necropolis”. Keep checking back here for the latest news on the album.

Gig at Mono Goes Metal 666
February 26th, 2011

We will be playing at Mono Goes Metal 666 on May 14th, together with BONE, DEATH RIDES A HORSE and I´LL BE DAMNED.

The setlist at this gig will contain primarily new songs from our upcoming debut album

The event begins at 7 pm. It costs 40 DKK for a ticket.
We hope to see you all there!

More info: Facebook

Studio gallery and video uploaded
December 5th, 2010

To celebrate that we have finished recording guitars, bass and drums for our debut album, we have assembled some video clips and some of the pictures we have taken throughout the entire recording process. Check them out in the gallery section.